Hospital Must-Haves for When Baby Comes

Hospital Must Haves

Whether you're a first-time mom or you've already packed a few hospital bags there always seems to be something you wish you had (or hadn't) brought along. We polled our village and came up with the following list of must-have items for momma and baby!

Mom's Pajamas/Robe/Slippers

The most mentioned must-have items were comfy pajamas for mom or a cozy robe and either slippers or flip flops. Postpartum mommas seem to want all the comfort items possible as they prepare to head home with baby!

Extra Long Phone Charger

Friends and family will be so excited for all of those pictures of your new bundle of joy and with the lack of visitors, you may spend a little more time on your phone than normal. The extra-long cord will certainly come in handy!

A Pillow from Home

The third most mentioned must-have was a pillow from home. Comfort for mom still seems to be a top priority.


> Snacks

> Hair Ties/Scrunchies

> Baby Book - the nurses are PROS at getting those first footprints!

> Book - enjoy it now!

What do new moms suggest leaving at home?

The last thing we want is to forget to pack the one thing we need while at the hospital but what do recently postpartum moms suggest leaving behind?

A lot of clothes for mom and baby

New moms seem to prefer their favorite pair of pajamas and a nursing bra rather than multiple outfit options.Especially with recent rules about visitors there doesn't seem to be a need for a whole lot of extra clothing for mom or baby. Grab a cute going home outfit and skip the rest.

Postpartum Products

Those amazing mother-baby nurses have allll the mesh undies and extra-large pads a new mom could possibly dream of. Skip packing your own and ask for extras of everything before you leave!

Honorable Mentions:

> Breast Pump

> Fancy Hospital Gowns

> Essential Oils

Alright...we're what?

New moms provided a great list of their favorite items for themselves and for baby once they are home and settled in. Let's take a look!

A Bouncer

A baby bouncer was the most mentioned item for keeping baby (and mom) happy once everyone is home. The Baby Bjorn was specifically mentioned a couple of times!

Haakaa Breast Pump

The Haakaa Silicone Breastpump lets you express milk using the power of natural suction! Simply squeeze, attach to your breast and let it work its magic.

A white noise/sound machine is a great tool if you have multiple kiddos, a husband who gets super excited about sporting events, or even a dog that loves to greet the mailman. I linked the one we have but there are a ton out there with awesome reviews!

> Dock-a-Tot

> High-Waisted, Larger than Normal Underwear - for c-section mamas!

> MamaRoo

A little birdie told me...

Our fantastic new moms have some special advice for moms-to-be as they welcome their newest addition:

+ Don't stress too much about all the things you think baby needs. Chances are they don't need all that extra stuff.

+Join FIT4BABY to build your village of mom friends before baby even comes and you'll also learn lots of tips and advice on pre and postnatal information! Best decision I made for me and baby!

+ Any time you feel crazy/overly emotional check-in with your basic needs: chug a water bottle, have a snack, take a short nap. You forget to take care of yourself so easily and it can make you feel loopy!

+ Take walks, the fresh air helps your mode. It's ok for the big kids/toddlers to play on their iPads or watch tv. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Take time for yourself/get out of your house alone.

+ They will sleep one day, I promise!

+ Write out your birth preferences for all situations.

+ The newborn phase is a whirlwind, savor every snuggle because before you know it they're trying to break your wine glasses. It feels impossible at times with little sleep and with your body recovering but things will get better with each day.

+Call for help! Reach out if you're feeling sad, we've all been there!

+I'm a first-grade teacher - I say this to tell you that I cannot tell which of my students was breastfed, who had formula, who slept through the light early, who never slept, who walked first, etc. I can tell who is loved and taken care of at home. So no matter how you feed your baby, how they sleep, when they walk - it will be ok!

+ FEED YOUR BABY. Don't care how. Don't care what it is. I suffered a lot the second time around from pressure to breastfeed and the reality of it all was it was not best for me and my sanity. I am a better, happier mom going the bottle route. The same can be said the other way around! You do YOU!

+ Make time for yourself and ask for help/support.

+ Live in the moment. Don't worry about the chores. In fact, make the in-laws do them when they come to visit! (Kidding, sort of...) but seriously, if people as how they can help, direct them to the sink of dishes or the clothes to be folded in the dryer.

+ Breathe and enjoy! Soak up that newborn smell.

+ The hospital supplies everything you need so don't stress too much about the hospital bag.

+Motherhood is the most exhausting but amazing thing!!

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