The Best Mom Travel Hacks

Are you taking a spring break trip, planning a summer vacation, or a winter escape? Will you be traveling with your baby for the first time? Wondering how to survive the airport or what to bring? Look no further! We have compiled the very best travel tips from our village of moms to help make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable!


-Read airplane books or show videos of planes before the flight so your little one is interested and excited to board

-Plan to bring a couple of bigger suitcases for the family rather than smaller ones for each member

-Visit Amazon, the Dollar Store, or Target Dollar Section for activities, small toys, individual snack items

-Download kid friendly shows or movies to your devices in advance

Diaper Bag Musts

-Clorox wipes

-Hand sanitizer

-Puppy pads to lay down on the changing tables

-Extra diapers, wipes, outfit for baby (and maybe for parents) cause you never know when a blowout or spit up might happen

-Grocery sac to use as a trash bag

-Don’t forget an empty sippy cup or water bottle to fill after you’ve made it through security

-Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Put them in a cute tackle box container or snack spinner

At the airport and on the plane

-Baby carrier

-Light weight travel car seat (ex. CosCo brand)

-Stroller that is easy to fold down (Many moms recommend the City Mini GT. Check stroller resale facebook groups for a good deal)

-Remember there are kind people out there who are willing to help. Everyone knows traveling with littles can be a challenge, especially if you're solo and need an extra hand folding down the stroller!

-Travel bags for gate checking the car seat and stroller (some fancier bags have backpack straps for hands free carrying!) Pro tip: throw in any items you won’t need on the plane before you gate check

-Consider a nursing pillow if you use one

-Disposable placemats to cover the tray tables

-One of our moms advises not to board during the “family priority seating” which means extra time on the plane. Instead, she boards first, gets everything situated, and wipes down the surfaces. Then her husband and kids wait until they can be last on the plane. Right before boarding, he does one final diaper change!

-While some moms prefer to hold baby in their lap, others suggest buying an extra ticket so baby can sleep securely in the car seat

-On long-haul flights, check with your airline about ordering meals for your kids (some come with jarred baby foods or children’s meal options that you can order in advance)

Take off/landing

-Give baby a paci, bottle, or nurse to help relieve pressure in ears. For toddlers, bring a snack, sucker, or a drink.

-Infant/children’s tylenol just in case


-Sit by the window so kids can watch

-Bring a piece of yarn and fruit loops and let your kiddo make a candy necklace to eat!

-Reminisce good times by going through your phone pictures together

-Wrap up small new toys and let your child open something new every so often

-Post it notes or painters tape: stick to seats, tray, windows, pull off, and repeat

-Choose your favorite type of activity book: coloring or sketch pad, water wow, wipe clean, sticker activities (check out PaperPie!), toddler busy board

-Magnetic games, puzzles, dress up doll tins, or doodle boards

-Window clings, spinners, or suction toys for window

-Wiki sticks or even glow sticks for evening flights

-Tablet/iPad, headphones, charger

For your stay

-Hotels normally have a mini crib or pack and play but if you’re staying in an AirBnB or VRBO you can check the area for a rental service. These companies offer cribs, pack and plays, high chairs and deliver right to your door and pick up at the end of your trip. You can still pack your own linens for cleanliness!

-Bring a shoe organizer (or two)! The first for packing clothes- each section can hold your kids’ outfits (complete with socks, underwear, and hair bows) all rolled together into a compartment for each day and then packed into your suitcase. And another organizer to hang on the back of the bathroom door for toiletries so the vanity isn’t cluttered.

-Bring a hanging closet organizer so larger clothes can be organized and easily seen in the closet

-Set up a diaper station that is easily accessible to either nightstand for quick changes

-Pack a collapsible hamper for dirty clothes

-Save time and space: Instacart! Don't worry about packing groceries, diapers, or wipes


-For a longer trip, plan to leave around naptime or bedtime so the kids can hopefully sleep for a good portion of the drive

-Consider getting a car seat tray so the kids can eat, play, watch movies, and all is contained

-Make sure to have trash bags by kids’ seats for wrappers, food, or in case of an upset stomach

Last but not least, less is more! Take a deep breath, get ready to make some family memories, and cherish your time away together!