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Lana Hamman-June Mom of the Month

Congratulations to June's Motivating Mom of the Month-Lana Hamman. MOMs are chosen because they consistently show up, love to share the F4M love, bring positive energy to the village, and are an all-around amazing mama! All our Moms of the Month receive a FIT4MOM tank because who doesn’t love some swag!

Here's what her team of mommas had to say about her:

We are so excited to honor Lana with June's Motivating Mom of the Month! Lana is so sweet, funny, motivating and kind! She is always a dose of sunshine anytime you speak to her. We love how she is not only willing to help, but isn’t afraid to ask for help or suggestions when she needs it! She jumped right into our village and we are so lucky to have Lana and her family as a part of our crew!

Lana has been a part of ALL our programs from Body Well, stroller classes and even Run Club+! She is always there to work hard and make muscles. She’ll workout even during drink breaks to keep her calories up and try and beat the amount she burned the day before. Talk about a great workout buddy!

She loves to spread the F4M love on social media and you can always count on adorable pictures of her kiddos and family from classes and/or F4M events. We are so excited to honor Lana this month! Come meet Lana in one of our stroller classes this month!

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Introduce us to your family!

I live in North Naperville with my husband Ryan and my children Ellie (2) and Ethan (8 months). Ryan and I met online 6 years ago; we “swiped right” and it was meant to be!

How long have you been a member of F4M Naperville? What made you come to your first class and which classes have you participated in?

I have been a member since 2020. I came after I had Ellie. I originally heard so much about it from another fit4mom mom, Meg, who is my husband’s cousin’s wife.

I wanted to get back to exercise and find new mom friends. I’ve done body well program, run club, and all the stroller strides classes. Looking forward to going back to body well once my schedule with kids routines allows me (hopefully this Fall).

What are your favorite things to do with your family?

We are a very active family. We spend a lot of time outside, especially in the summer. We also have a lake house in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and we love spending time there.

What would you say to a mom considering joining our village?

You should definitely join! You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain! So many fun activities for kids, moms and the whole family. I especially love “moms night out” events every month :)

How has your village been supportive of you in motherhood?

I truly believe this community is very supportive and inclusive. I have asked for advice so many times and always got the helpful answers. I get to workout while spending time with my kids. My kids get to meet the new pals after the class is over and play. I get to hang out with other moms. I love fit4mom community; I’m very grateful I found it!