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Liz Porter - January 2023

Congratulations to Liz, our first 2023 Motivating Mom of the Month! Liz attended her first FIT4MOM Naperville class in July and she jumped right in! She has taken every class format offered and, by mid-November, Liz had 50 classes under her belt- look out 100, Liz is comin’ for you! The team at F4MNaper are all impressed by her commitment to herself! We love seeing her and her youngest daughter in class so often. In addition to the dedication to class, Liz has a great sense of humor. She is kind, sweet and fun to be around. She shares her contagious enthusiasm and positive attitude with everyone around her. Down-to-earth, focused, real and one of those instant-connection kind of mom friends, we are so overjoyed that Liz is a part of our FIT4MOM Village.

Congratulations Liz! Read on to learn more about our January Motivating Mom of the Month!

Introduce us to your family!

My husband Matt and I met quite a few years back while I was training for a new job, and let’s just say I wasn’t his biggest fan at the time. Our paths crossed again a few years later and I’m so thankful they did. He is one of the most supportive people in my life. We didn’t follow a traditional path to where we are, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have twins who turn 11 next month, who are like night and day, height and interest wise! Lily, the oldest by 6 minutes loves sports, art and music. Grace loves video games, STEM activities, and Pokémon. Olivia is almost 3 and completes our family with a mix of all of us!

How long have you been a member of F4M Naperville? What made you come to your first class and which classes have you participated in?

I came to my first class this July. I noticed my friends Meg R (from high school) and Denise D (from college) kept showing up in photos together on my Facebook feed. They were having a blast at the F4M events. After having Olivia and leaving my full-time career I felt I had lost part of my purpose and who I was. I messaged Meg to get more details on F4M and she got me to come to a Strides class and I was hooked! I’ve done all the weekday stroller classes and occasionally the Monday and Friday Ignites.

What are your favorite things to do with your family?

The beach is my happy place. We try to go downtown to our favorites as much as possible during the summer. We love baseball games, baking and cooking, and going to the library. My parents and sister also live in Naperville, so we try to do as much with them as possible. I also love one on one time with each of my older two. It’s amazing how much they open up and what I learn about them when I’m with just one child. And the occasional family Fortnite game is always a good time!

What would you say to a mom considering joining our village?

Give it a try! Do not worry if you’re not in shape or worried about how your child will act. This group has seen everything, and we have probably been there. On any given day there is a Mom stepping to the side to comfort her child, or a mom changing a diaper or running off to help their child with the potty, and so many Moms pausing to give their kid a snack. It’s life and the stroller classes are built to accommodate these things! And if your kids are older or your workdays, there are plenty of opportunities to work out in the evening or weekend mornings, kid free! It’s not just for Moms with little kids, it’s for Moms of all stages and it’s truly about investing in yourself.

What has been your biggest gain since joining FIT4MOM Naperville?

I have gained back a sense of control and purpose in this stage of my life. I enjoyed my career and working outside the home, and for me, it’s hard to be Mom all the time. For an hour a day, a few days a week I work on myself, invest in my health, and get to socialize with other Moms. It has been a life changer!