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Mandy Clemmer-October 2022

Congratulations to Mandy, our Motivating Mom of the Month! Mandy has been a member of FIT4MOM Naperville since her oldest (of 3!) daughters was just 3 months old. In that time Mandy celebrated a very special milestone by attending her 400th class. You can’t ask for a better person than Mandy! She is beautiful inside and out! You always leave a conversation with Mandy feeling uplifted and listened to. When you are talking with her, she gives you all her attention, asks questions, and provides insight. Her girls are some of the sweetest, most polite, and thoughtful girls I’ve ever met. They have a wonderful role model to learn from. Mandy will brighten your day with her sweetness and kindness! Not only is she a great listener and friend, but she is also super inspiring in her workouts! Mandy looks so effortless and strong, and you can always look to her for inspiration to dig deeper and lift heavier. Her muscles are killer!

And it’s not just Mandy who reps all things F4M Naper- but her family of 5 does, too! They all love to participate in family workouts and outings and support us as we give back to our local community throughout the year.

Congratulations Mandy! We are so happy you are a part of our FIT4MOM Village!

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Introduce us to your family!

Hi, I’m Mandy, homeschooling mama of 3 :-). I’m married to my college sweetie, Seth, who is Pastor at Bethany Lutheran Church here in Naperville. We have 3 little girlies, Annabelle (6 years), Everleigh (4 years), and Sadie (15 months). And I can’t leave out our 2 mini dachshunds, Maggie and Lily.

How long have you been a member of F4M Naperville? What made you come to your first class and which classes have you participated in?

This is hard for me to believe but it’s been 6 years since I’ve been in the F4M Naperville family. When Annabelle was 3 months old, I was ready to get out of the house, make some mom friends, and get back into an exercise routine so I tried out my first Stroller Strides class. I knew right from the start this was the perfect mix of exercise, socializing, and activities for the kiddos and I was hooked! After baby #2 came along, I joined Body Well and truly valued the solo workouts and time to focus on my health and wellness. Now with 3 kids, I've graduated to Boost but you will still find me at an occasional Strides class! I think I’ve tried out just about everything else except for Cardio Ignite, and that one is on my list!

What are your favorite things to do with your family?

We love exploring downtown Naperville, taking a picnic to the park, checking out nearby festivals, visiting the zoo, or going on a family adventure somewhere around the area! One of our favorite family traditions is Friday movie and homemade pizza night! Everyone gets to pick their own toppings and the girls love to help out.

What would you say to a mom considering joining our village?

Don’t even hesitate! If you are a mom with a crying baby or have a cranky toddler, no one will mind, we have all been there! There are multiple class options, the workouts and instructors are amazing, and the friendships even better!

What has been your biggest gain since joining FIT4MOM Naperville?

One of my biggest gains has been the community of mom friends to lean on for advice, motivation, help, laughs, you name it, and they will be there! I have also loved gaining muscles that I never had before babies or Fit4Mom! This is a truly special group that has been a blessing to me and integral part of my life these past 6 years!