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May Mom of the Month-Jaqueline Baird

Jacqueline is one of those moms that you sit down next to not knowing, and within minutes, you feel like you’ve been friends forever. She is so down-to-earth and so relatable. We look forward to seeing Jacqueline and her boys every class or social event. As an active participant in stroller classes, Book Club, social events, charity events and Body Well, there is no denying that she makes that time for her.

She is always spreading the F4M love on social media and always inspires us in motherhood by showing us that while it can be so challenging it is also so rewarding. During Book Club, we can always count on her to contribute insightful comments to our book discussion and to add fun to our social time! In Body Well, she walks in and dedicates 110% of the workout to herself, never shying away from leveling up whenever there is an opportunity. And, let’s not fail to mention that she has a sense of style that could put her on the cover of a fashion magazine!

She is an amazing mom to her two sweet boys and I (Erin Monzon) love how our kids play together so nicely! I delight when her boys give me big hugs after class and know they get that love straight from their mama! She loves them something fierce and that love is contagious when you are around her family.

We are so happy Jacqueline is our Mom of the Month! She works so hard, is so funny and sweet, and sooo deserves the recognition of MOM! We all love you so much!

How long have you been a member of F4M Naperville? What made you come to your first class and which classes have you participated in?

I’ve been a member of F4M Naperville since September 2020. After 3 years of fertility treatments, a chaotic first few years of parenting 2 under 2, then the start of a pandemic… I desperately needed to make my physical (and mental!) health a priority. Which, led me to my first FIT4MOM class and I’ve never looked back.

I think I’ve tried all of the classes that are offered! I started in Run Club, then brought my little guys to Stroller Barre, Stroller Strides, and Strides 360. I have participated in 5 Body Well sessions (and counting!), and have also dabbled in FIT4BABY, Body Ignite, Body Boost, and Yoga.

What are your favorite things to do with your family?

I love playing games with my family - board games, cards, hide and seek. Taking family walks and going to the park is something we do often. My boys are really into coloring lately, so we’ll bust out the coloring books and do that together (which is a great stress relief!). We also like to spend weekend afternoons at The Lantern or Solemn Oath!

What would you say to a mom considering joining our village?

Do it! I joined looking for a fitness group, but I’ve gained so much more - friends, physical and mental health education, genuine support as a mom, a social life!, local knowledge, pals for my kiddos, and true strength in motherhood

How has your village been supportive of you in motherhood?

I have gained a plethora of support from this village! Mamas are always willing to offer up suggestions and recommendations, listen to you vent, or share in the joyful moments of motherhood. I’ve also connected with so many other moms who have had similar experiences with infertility and miscarriage. The amount of genuine support I received after we lost our daughter at 20 weeks pregnant last fall, truly solidified my bond with this village Motherhood is a blessing, and it’s beautiful and chaotic and it’s such a great feeling not to have to go on this journey alone!