Run Club+

Run Club+ is for every level runner, whether you're preparing for an upcoming race or have never run a day in your life. Our Run Club+ program will help you safely build and improve your running skills with a certified FIT4MOM Naperville Run Club+ Coach. It is a training program meant to help you reach whatever goals you and Coach Bethany decide are best for you! As you work together to set your training plan, she will meet you at your level and needs.

In addition to the weekly runs, Run Club+ provides you with weekly emails/FB posts with a focus on proper hydration, sleep, stretching, strength training, clothing, music, pace, nutrition and more! It's the perfect place to start as she goes over basics and gives reminders often of how to safely train but also great for seasoned runners as it can take you to the next level!

This amazing group training program provides you with:

  • Weekly in-person runs on Sunday morning in Naperville and Lisle (with additional runs schedule throughout the session)
  • One-on-one goal setting and training plan with your Run Club+ coach, Bethany
  • Runner’s tips, tricks and advice weekly via emails and the private RC+ Facebook Page
  • Run pace assessments
  • Weekly endurance challenges designed to help build muscle and speed
  • Run Club+ Workbook to help you set your running goals and keep track of your pace and success
  • Option to purchase a pass or plan to add strength training and cross-training to your running routine with our classes

Click here for pricing:https://fit4mom-naperville.pike13.com/courses/267478